Best Telegram Group Links (Study, Movies, Dating) In 2022

by Rabh, Thursday, 15 September 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Telegram is one of the popular messaging apps. You can communicate with your friends and colleagues in Telegram groups and to new users too. In this article, we are gonna share 300+ best telegram group links with you. You don’t need to share your personal number to join any group. There are millions of groups available in the Telegram related to all categories like movies, music, education, entertainments etc.


As there are so many groups, finding the right group by yourself is a difficult and time-confusing task. For saving your time, we have shared Telegram group links below. You can choose the link of any category you want like music, movies, TikTok, adult, 18+, games etc. and join the group. You don’t need to worry about finding the group blindly and wasting your time on fruitless groups.

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Have a look at the following Telegram group links. For joining the group, click on the link. It will direct you to a new window and ask you to choose the app. Then choose Telegram app and tap on Join Group option. That’s all.


TikTok Telegram Groups

Video ShareJoin Group
Funny TikTokJoin Group
Tiktok JokesJoin Group
Tiktok keralamJoin Group
Desi TiktokJoin Group
Garam Tiktok GirlsJoin Group
Tiktok collectionJoin Group
ZH – tiktokJoin Group
Tamil Tiktok VideosJoin Group
Tiktok followersJoin Group

Telegram Girls Groups

Love 4 ChatJoin Group
GirlsJoin Group
Dating GirlsJoin Group
Russian GirlsJoin Group
Beautiful LoveJoin Group
Dating CornerJoin Group
Girls Chatting GroupJoin Group
Girls GroupJoin Group
Furry GirlsJoin Group
Erotic GirlsJoin Group

18+ Telegram Groups

Global chatroomJoin Group
WivesJoin Group
Desi patakaJoin Group
BackchodsJoin Group
Mast jawaaniJoin Group
Full houseJoin Group
Dirty????Chat 3.0Join Group
Lesbi LoverzJoin Group
Video ShareJoin Group

Funny Telegram Groups

Funny ImagesJoin Group
Best MemesJoin Group
Vine GIFsJoin Group
TrollboxJoin Group
Fun ChattJoin Group
ChatterboxJoin Group
Death Note SeriesJoin Group
Singles & MarriedJoin Group
English ChatteringJoin Group
Writers ClubJoin Group
Learn EnglishJoin Group
America EnglishJoin Group
English HyperChatJoin Group
English WorldJoin Group
English ClassroomJoin Group
Father of EnglishJoin Group
US JobsJoin Group
USA AppleJoin Group
USA Apps 4 AndroidJoin Group
USA text shareJoin Group
US Political QuestionsJoin Group
Steady Ly NetworkJoin Group
SG USJoin Group
New York TimeJoin Group
Startups of IndiaJoin Group
HR Group IndiaJoin Group
Folks IndiaJoin Group
Chatting HubJoin Group
Binance IndiaJoin Group
Bharat (भारत)Join Group
हिंदी ᴄʜᴀᴛᴛɪɴɢJoin Group
Chat IndiaJoin Group
Study IQ EducationJoin Group
Public AdministrationJoin Group
UPSC NDAJoin Group
UPSC CDSJoin Group
Civil ServicesJoin Group
UPSC MainsJoin Group
Telegram Group Links







In this post, we have shared 300+best Telegram group links with you. We hope you find them useful. You don’t have to waste your time on searching blindly and face dead-end. You can comment below if you have any suggestion about these links or have any questions. Have a good day/night!

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