Homescapes MOD APK v5.4.3 (Unlimited Stars, Ads free) Download

Homescapes MOD APK v5.4.3 (Unlimited Stars, Ads free) Download

Android Android Casual
4.5 ( 984 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Homescapes
Publisher Playrix
Genre Casual
Size 143 MB
Version 5.4.3
Update Jun 27, 2022
MOD Unlimited Stars
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Homescapes is the most famous version in the Homescapes series of publisher Playrix
Mod Version 5.4.3

Unlimited Lives

Unlimited Gold

Now Unlimited Stars

Homescapes MOD APK was released by Playrix studios. It is the most popular rising game of the last year and continuing its glory this year too, it won the hearts of millions. The game has a smooth, clean interface, all you have to do is to solve match 3 levels and carve more and more into the game. It has been downloaded 50 million + people all over the globe and numbers are rapidly increasing. Homescapes MOD APK featuring unlimited stars has got 4.3 stars review by more than 4 million reviewers. Looking at all this we can see how this game is stealing the show. Download Homescapes MOD APK now to explore all its features.


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Back To Childhood

Talking about Homescapes MOD APK itself, the game starts with a story in which a man name Austin Butler wants to visit his childhood home and relieve all the childhood memories he had gone through. Then he boards the plane and arrives at his old childhood house where he once used to live. When he first time sees his house, he says, ”oh my childhood home, it brings back so many memories.” Upon entering the house, he stumbles on the tidy carpet and says this old carpet should have been thrown away a long time ago. After that, he calls for his mom and dad but apparently they aren’t home. He further whispers to himself saying, this is even better, he has now got more time to prepare a little bit surprise for his parents. Let’s know more about the Homescapes MOD APK unlimited coins and stars.

Homescapes For Android

Homescapes Mod APK

After all these cutscenes, a match 3 puzzle game named Homescapes MOD APK will appear in front of you where you have to match 3 similar kinds of pieces, and if you match 4 pieces, the rocket powerup will be made and you can explore it for even more pieces destruction, just the same as candy crush saga. For every successful completion of match 3 puzzle level, new things and decorative items will be added to your old house. If you match the rocket with another piece, it will blast a whole row of pieces.

Vertical rocket powerups will clear the vertical line and horizontal rocket powerups will clear the horizontal the line of pieces. In Homescapes MOD APK Completion of each level will further lead the way to the homescapes storyline. You will need a star to continue to the next part of the storyline, to earn those stars, you have to complete puzzles.

The game isn’t over yet, there’s a lot to be discovered in the Homescapes MOD APK. Talking about the lives, there will be 5 lives for you to play, each game will lead to decrease a life and so on. After exhausting all the lives, you have to wait for sometime, you can even ask out to your friends for the lives so you can continue playing even more. In the Homescapes MOD APK, there are coins too as in-game currency and you can buy a verity of items with the help of coins. Buy furniture, fish tanks, beds, sofas, doorbell and armchair.

Gameplay Features

Homescapes Mod APK

Simple and Smooth Match 3 Puzzles

Homescapes MOD APK consists of thousands of Match 3 puzzles. They are an important part of this game, where you have to match 3 similar looking pieces in one line to achieve the given target. You can create a rocket by matching 4 pieces in the row. The rocket can be used in both horizontal and vertical direction. Create an L shaped of pieces match to get the bomb which will explode and clear all the pieces around it. With more than 2500+ levels and new levels are being added every Thursday you will not feel this is going to end anywhere soon. Each level you solve will help Austin to decorate, renovate and add new things to his house. Download Latest version of Homescapes MOD APK unlimites stars and coins.

Amazing 3D Graphics

The design and the animation of Homescapes MOD APK will make you play this game for hours. The animation are smooth and popping, you will feel like a real-life experience. In game characters moving and interacting with each other is so lovely and cherish full. Tap on any object and see how the characters are reacting to those things and you will be stunned by the way of their reaction and comments.

Take the Game to Next Level

Create your own team, invite your friends into it and enjoy playing with each other and work in collaboration to get most of the game. You will get free coins, free lives if you join any team. This will double the joy of playing the game. You can also chat with other members of the team, visit your friends’ houses to see what they have been up to.

Mod Info

Homescapes Mod APK

We have come up with the modded version of the original game Homescapes. This game is the different from the original game. In the Homescapes MOD APK, you will get unlimited stars, coins and lives. There are over 2500+ levels in the game. You can explore all the levels and progress through the storyline buying new items of decoration and renovating your house. There are unlimited number of stars, you can buy anything in the storyline with the help of one star. All this you can do with the help of Homescapes MOD APK.

  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Now Unlimited Stars

Unlimited Lives

In Homescapes MOD APK, Lives are the chances we get to play match 3 puzzles, generally, there can be a maximum of 5 lives. Each life will be added after some times. In the original game, if all lives are exhausted, then you have to wait for hours to replenish them. This makes the game more boring to play and you can’t play as much as you want. Sometimes we want to play the game for hours and this life system takes a toll on this. We often lose our interest if we have to wait for the game because of the limited lives. This ain’t an issue with Homescapes MOD APK. Just download it and never get worried about lives at all.

Unlimited Gold

You can get unlimited Gold in Homescapes MOD APK. Gold in the game is important as the gold in real life. With the help of it, we can buy various items from the shop. These items will help you to win your match 3 puzzle games with ease. Items such as disco balls, planes, rockets, hammer are available to buy and each of them has their different properties. Disco ball can be used to clear the surrounding pieces in the spherical shape. Planes are used as boosters and it can clear the pieces by flying all over the puzzle. Rocket as the name suggests doing pretty much the same thing. It clears all the pieces in a straight vertical line.

You can either clear a horizontal or vertical line depending upon the direction in which they are triggered. Hammers are also important when it comes to clear the remaining one or two pieces. But in the original game, you have to pay real money for all this stuff. But it is better not to pay real money when you are getting all these things in the Homescapes MOD APK, you will never have to pay a single penny for this. So enjoy and play with unlimited gold, boosters and live.

Unlimited Stars

In Homescapes MOD APK, to earn a single star, you have to win a match 3 puzzle game. Sometimes we lose and we don’t earn a star. If don’t have enough stars, we cannot add new decorative items in the game. That is why stars are important in the game. Stars are used to buy new items such as sofa, bed, furniture, globe, curtain, sitting chair rug, lamps, carpets, doorbells, brackets, cupboards and all the interior items which will continue the storyline.

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Installation Guide

To install Homescapes MOD APK into your android device, Follow the steps for successful installation of the game.

Steps 1: First of all, this modded version of the game is not available to download on the play store, you have to uninstall the original one and download the official Homescapes MOD APK from the link provided above. Click on the download APK button and application will start to download on your android phone.

Steps 2: After downloading the Homescapes MOD APK, head over to the internal storage of your phone and look for the Homescapes MOD APK file. This file might found in the download folder of your file manager. Click on the file and click on install.

Steps 3: Once you click on instal buton, the application will start to install on your androud device. Installing the application might take some time, be patient, sit back and relax. It will not take more than a minute.

Steps 4: Once the application is successfully installed on your phone, open it and play with unlimited Lives, coins and stars. Download Homescapes MOD APK now.

Final Verdict

Homescapes MOD APK will provide you with unlimited lives, coins and stars. This will kill your boredom and will make this game even more interesting to play than ever. Unlock all the levels and decorate the home with tons of new things. All these things await you, so what are you waiting for. Download “Homescapes MOD APK“.

Download (143 MB)
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