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Welcome to - A Trust-worthy Website to Download All Your Favorite Games and Apps Modified Versions.

Hey There! Thanks for visiting us. We at, are trying our best to provide all the popular apps and games mods. By Mod, we mean, a modified version of a particular application or game. Most of the people think that these mods are not safe and requires a rooted device to run. But let me clarify, here, at, no need to worry about anything. Like, your device security, viruses, etc.

Here, we test our modified games & apps files on our devices, they are completely safe and the most important thing is trust. We will never ask you to root your device to install our modified apps and games. Another good thing is that you will never have problem with downloading a file as we all know, on the web, there are hundreds of other websites those provide modified or hack apps of games & applications. But most of them just wastes your time and effort, and yeah, internet data. But you will never face such problems here.

Currently, we are working on RelaxModAPK, and providing enough details to our content & articles. We will soon starting to provide 100% working modified games & apps for you all and with no any cost. As we know mods are free, that's why we love downloading them.

Speaking of modified apps and games, who creates them? Many of you have such questions. Do creates them? No. We don't. Let us clarify, we don't develop these modified apps or games but we provide a safe way to download them and without much effort, people can easily download them (not like those websites which keep opening ads and ads, and nothing else).

What do we provide?

There are some important things that you should know, we provide download files for apps & game mods, basic information of those mods, installation guide, frequently asked questions, and our thoughts on those respective game & app mods.

Other than that, you can get information like digital news, upcoming games & apps news, best upcoming games news, and about programs. So, what are programs? Well, nothing special, we sometimes calls third-party apps, programs. There are so many programs are available that are not even on the Google play store. So, they are special and can be downloaded from

Basic Purpose of Game and App Mods

Is there any basic purpose? Yes, there is. The third-party developers are doing a really great job by making such apps & games. Why? Because not all of us can buy all our favourite things that comes with virtual In-game money. For example, most of us know about YouTube. It shows videos, but it also shows ads. So, YouTube says to buy YouTube Premium, so it won't show ads. And we people buy the premium plan.

Same, in mods, like in YouTube Premium Mod APK, we don't even have to pay anything, but we can enjoy watching videos without ads. Simple.

For example, let's say, Chris wants to play League of Legends: Wild Rift with his favourite Champions with their amazing skins but Chris's parents won't give him money to buy those skins. So, here Chris is super-sad and don't want to play the game without skins. So, he quits the game. But let us tell that, here Chris isn't alone. There are million of gamers who can't afford skins of their favourite champions and that's okay. You all can play the modified version, friends. Soon, on, we will update League of Legends: Wild Rift Mod APK with all the skins.

Another Example, We all love editing videos and posting them on social media. Not all, but most people do. And they use smartphones to do video-editing. In mobile-devices, there are so many amazing video-editing apps, but mostly provides a watermark whenever we edit with those apps. Like KineMaster.

But using mods can make our life simple. We can use KineMaster Pro Mod APK. It is safe, simple, and has no watermark, and even supports video-editing up to 4K quality which are not available in the free version. So, the mods can be a great help of people who don't want to buy the premium versions of apps to get extra features. All the extra features can be used when using specific app mods, and for free. Awesome, right?

In The End

In the end, we would love to say thanks to each and everyone of you for visiting us. We maybe not the best website for downloading the app & game mods but we are trying our very best to ensure you all your Android Game and App Mod. If you download mods from this website, you can tell your friends & family members about us. By the end of Year 2021, we hope that we will be able to provide as much details as it should be here about Game & App Mods.

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